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Rizki Maulana is a social welfare studies student in Universitas Indonesia. Since high school, he has showed some interest and curiosity in languages. Currently, he leads Jakarta Esperanto-Club, Esperiga Suno. By Esperanto, he got many interesting experiences, like being tour-guide for tens of foreign-esperantists and attending esperanto congresses.

A. Firman Santriyo
French Language Coordinator
Agung Prabowo Sudjadi

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Andraina A. Fericandra
Turkish Language Coordinator
Andre Benito
French Language Coordinator
Arif Hidayat
French Language Coordinator
Arradi Nur Rizal
Chairman // Founder

Rizal is an avid traveler and photo enthusiast. Rizal has been studying, working and living in Indonesia, Argentina, Germany, Scotland and Sweden. Although, Rizal has Engineering and Business background, as a photographer and technologist, Rizal has exhibited his photographs, conduct seminars and workshops in several cities including Tokyo, Sydney and Stockholm. Currently Rizal is working for Lund University in Sweden.

Aryanie Amellina
Italian Language Coordinator

Annie took her undergraduate study at ITB and was awarded a scholarship to continue her master degree in Italy majoring in International Cooperation and Development. Currently she is working for Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in cooperation with the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of Republik Indonesia. 

Editor // French Language Coordinator // German Language Coordinator // News Writer // Translator

Chandra is an alumni of IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her elementary until high school years were spent in Korea, Indonesia and Switzerland. She has worked for the ASEAN Secretariat, AusAID, COST Office, GIZ, IBCSD, LB-LIA Bogor, and UNESCO. At the moment, in addition to holding a full-time job, she is also studying for her doctoral degree in natural resources and environmental management.

After having lived more than half her life abroad, Chandra...

Christsita Ulung Kencana
English Language Coordinator

Sita lives in Semarang, Central Java and is married with two children. Now, she is working in a Micro Financing Cooperation. She has been lending a hand to Polyglot Indonesia Chapter of Semarang since the early days of its initiation due to her enthusiasm for languages.

Denny Febria Kusuma
German Language Coordinator // Language Coordinator
Deny Gunawan
French Language Coordinator

Deny has finished his study in the English Literature department. When he was studying at the university, he worked as a freelance translator and interpreter. Besides, he also got a scholarship to do an internship as an exchange student in Thailand. Currently, he works as an international marketing assistant for a tissue paper manufacturing company.

Dimas Avian Maulana
English Language Coordinator
German Language Coordinator

Dinaroe went to Germany to pursue his Master degree in International Business under full scholarship from DAAD (a publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany). At the moment he is working as Returning Expert's staff for the Regent of Aceh Besar. 

Editha Nurida Mulyaningrum
French Language Coordinator

Editha went to France as an exchange student several years ago at the University of La Rochelle. During her undergraduate study, she was awarded two scholarships from the former Indonesian president and from the Ministry of National Education. Currently she is working for a French public institution which is part of the education and cultural services of the French Embassy in Indonesia.

Elmy Melani
Language Coordinator

Currently, she works as a Maths teacher in Permata Bangsa School - Global Education, Semarang.

Emma Natasya
Turkish Language Coordinator

After graduated from Syiah Kuala University, Emma went to Turkey for training and studying the language at Fatih Koleji Istanbul couple years ago. At the moment she is teaching in PASIAD Turkish International School in Aceh.

Fajar Triperdana
Contributor // Italian Language Coordinator // Japanese Language Coordinator // Spanish Language Coordinator

After he graduated from the Japanese Studies Program, Universitas Indonesia, Fajar went to work as Media Liaison Officer for Miss World 2013 event held in Bali, Indonesia. Currently he works for UNIQLO Indonesia.

Febri Darusman
French Language Coordinator // Spanish Language Coordinator

After graduating from University of Gadjah Mada, majoring in French, Ebi took an internship position at the Western European Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affaires of Republic of Indonesia. Ebi's broadcasting background has led him to become a runner-up of a famous Master of Ceremony competition in Bandung. He was formerly a student of RRI Produa Announcer School 96 FM Bandung and OZ Cool School Seven Wonders 103,1 FM Bandung. He also was formerly a journalist at Pewarta Yogya writing on...

Fiel Mahatma Sahir
Contributor // Editor

Born to a Jakartan Father and a Bandung Mother, Indonesian-American Fiel Sahir is a classical guitar performer, teacher, blogger and language enthusiast hailing from New York City. He is currently pursuing his Master’s under Joaquín Clerch in Düsseldorf, Germany. Being a language lover he speaks English, Indonesian, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. He shares his thoughts with the world at  Between3worlds.com

Harvin Ahmadiharjo
Treasury // Web Admin

Harvin has been learning Italian language since he discovered the curiosity to understand the beauty of Italian songs. He's also actively speaking English and learning French.

Ihtiar Nur
English Language Coordinator // Regional Coordinator

Tiar did his undergrad in Engineering at University of Indonesia. Free education, at the time, lured him to the land of Sweden where he then continued his study majoring in Solar Energy at Dalarna University, Borlänge. Afterwards he got curious about entrepreneurship which led him to Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, Stockholm. Now he occupies himself with translation and interpreting services just because of the excitements keeping him active and challenged in using languages.

Italian Language Coordinator // Treasury
Indahbudiati Pujilestari
English Language Coordinator
Ira Yulianti Purnomo
Contributor // Secretary

Ira is a contributor in Polyglot Indonesia since 2014 after coming back from Europe from her Master studies majoring in Energy and Environment. She currently works as a consutant in the renewable energy sector, believing that sustainable development is the key to a better future. 

Issana Burhan
Italian Language Coordinator // Regional Coordinator

Ichi is an Acehnese who fell in love with Italy and the Italian way of life. She learned Italian for the first time during her secondary school in Melbourne and during her exhange year in Sardegna, Italy. Italy has inspired her to learn more about cities and on how to make places vibrant. She follows this interest by pursuing a degree in Urban and Regional Planning. She is currently a certified urban planner in Banda Aceh, usually working on governmental projects. However, mostly she would...

Jasmine P. Puteri

Jasmine went to Italy several years ago as an exchange student. After finishing her study in Universitas Indonesia majoring in Social Science and Political Studies, she worked for the Italian Trade Commission. During her study, she also did an internship at the United Nations. At the moment she works for Kemitraan - The Partnership for Governance Reform.

Jene Pradana W
Contributor // Language Coordinator // Regional Coordinator

The Polyglot Indonesia Chapter of Semarang, Regional Coordinator. Currently active in international voluntary activities and also local community in Semarang. 

Kartika Puspita Sari
Japanese Language Coordinator
Krisna P. Laurensius
Contributor // Founder

Krisna is one of the Indonesian hyperpolyglot who speaks 8 languages. He can switch easily between, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean. After finishing his master degree in Korea, he continues to work as diplomat for Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is currently assigned in Indonesian Embassy in Hongkong.

Kunto Nurcahyoko

Kunto took his master degree in Foreign and Second Language Education at The Ohio State University, USA. Currently, he is running his own English training center in Indonesia while assisting students of USINTEC International Dual Master’s Degree Program in Education.

Mira F. V. Zakaria
Editor // Executive Director

Mira grew up in Austria and moved back in Indonesia several years ago where she took her master degree in Corporate Communications. At the moment she works with GIZ, a public-benefit enterprise owned by the German Federal Government working for sustainable development worldwide. Other than her daily work and managing Polyglot Indonesia, she also involves in the activities of Abang None Jakarta, and Perhimpunan Indonesia Austria (PIA).

Monis H. Pandhu
Contributor // Founder

Monis founded Polyglot Yogyakarta in 2010, but she had to left to pursue her master study in Transmedia in Italy under two scholarships from Italian government and her university. During her study, she resurected Indonesian Student Association (PPI Italy) and hold position as the chief. After finishing her master, she received another scholarship to start her second master in Tourism in Italy

Muhammad Aditya Rakhmat Thamsiel
Russian Language Coordinator

Tio did his master degree majoring in communications and public relation in Russia. After he came back to Indonesia, he taught Indonesian to Russian speaking people in Indonesia while preparing his application to join Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Currently he is assigned in Indonesian embassy in Vatican. 

Muhibuddin Muslim
English Language Coordinator

Didi was nominated as one of the best blog review in the nation in 2013 by Daihatsu. Currently he is finishing his degree in civil engineering while improving his Spanish skill.

Nadya Imanda Sabran
English Language Coordinator // Social Media Administrator

Nadya won 1st place in "Indonesian Kpop World Festival 2012" and later also won “Kpop World Festival 2012” in South Korea. In 2013 she was invited by KBS to perform for Music Bank event. Other than singing,she also participated in Harvard National Model United Nations 2011 Conference in Boston, U.S.A and finished Top 8 of European Union Intervarsity Debate Championship.

Naraningrum Pristiwati
Nararia Hutama Putra
English Language Coordinator

Nara is a boy who is really obsessed with his dreams: discovering new things, movies, languages and food. Nara was awarded the Best Graduate of the Bachelor Degree Studies with the highest GPA in the Faculty of Education, Semarang State University (UNNES).

Currently, Nara is actively writing and has already released his 1st book in collaboration with fellow writers. Nara works as freelance writer, freelance teacher and researcher. While working hard on his Dutch and Korean language...

Nathaniel Rayestu
Spanish Language Coordinator

I love languages and I cannot think of a better community to be around with for a language lover than of course Polyglot Indonesia! Aside from Bahasa and English, I am currently learning and practicing Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Let's practice together! 

Paramita Wulandari
Retno Sulistyowati
Japanese Language Coordinator

Rinaldi lives and works in Jakarta. He loves culinary both local and international, but his real passion is learning and speaking foreign languages. He's currently honing his skills in Spanish and Italian.

Sandy Hibatul Wafi

Sandy is a simple boy who study civil engineering at Diponegoro University. Now, he is busy with his final assignment in order to get The Graduation soon. 

Sayful Huda Oktafianes
English Language Coordinator
Sigit Untoro

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Tegar Achsendo Yuniarta
French Language Coordinator
Tia Saputri
French Language Coordinator // Italian Language Coordinator // Social Media Administrator // Spanish Language Coordinator

Tia went to Italy as an exchange student several years ago and went back to finish her study in Universitas Indonesia where she received Universitas Indonesia Outstanding Award (3rd). Tia also did work as freelance translator. Tia currently works for the Danish giant shipping line company in Jakarta . 

Upika Gusta

Currently, Upika studies at french litterature in Universitas Indonesia. She has several experiences in language, such as being an interpreter in some exhibitions, doing some interviews to several DJs from around the globe, and she also do some journalism stuffs. 

Vandro Rizky Aldilla W
French Language Coordinator
Vremita Desectia

Vremita is one of Indonesian hyperpolyglot who is able to converse in more than 10 languages. Her passion in language also drives her to create an application to help people with dyslexia to learn language. With her team, which consist of UGM students, the application has won several awards, including Indonesia ICT Awards (INAICTA) 2012, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards 2012, Gold Medal for Best Technology in International ICT Innovative Service Contest 2012 in Taiwan, Bronze Medal...

Wiladantika Purnamasari
Language Coordinator // Regional Coordinator
Yudhistira Ramadhan
English Language Coordinator // French Language Coordinator // Italian Language Coordinator // Regional Coordinator // Spanish Language Coordinator
Zhakia Ulfah
Editor // French Language Coordinator

This former regional coordinator of Polyglot Indonesia Bandung is known for being talkative and always have a lots of spirits. As a student of French Literature at University of Padjadjaran, she always has a crush on language. After attending a cultural exchange program in France view months ago, her interest about learning new languages is getting bigger. At this moment, she's in the middle of her thesis about French Semantic.

Social Media Administrator

Ria is very smooth in Sundanese and Batavian since she is born and bred in Jakarta and has lived in a Batavian - Sundanese environment all her life. Her passion in languages is what brought her to this community - she has given it a go with  As a social media enthusiast Ria is a very indispensable member of PI.


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