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Februari 13, 2018
That's Amore! (Culture & Language: Italian) - The Story

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine,
that's amore

-Dean Martin-


Good Day, Language Enthusiasts!

On Sunday, 28 January 2018, Polyglot Indonesia Jakarta Chapter conducted a special meet-up embracing Italian language and culture. That’s Amore! is one of the exclusive twelve Culture & Language meet-up series that will be held throughout 2018. As the first of the series, we definitely brought on tons of preparations, passions, and excitement.

This meet-up was attended by more than 55 language enthusiasts in the house. Each one of them was ready to mingle and hone in their language skills while at the same time be bewitched by the rich Italian culture. Everybody was eager to know about and learn not only the melodious Italian language but also Italy as a country.

From the very beginning, all participants were presented with Italian words they would most likely be familiar with and find easily in daily life, for example, bruschetta, spaghetti, tagliatelle, and arrivederci, and were taught to pronounce them correctly. Afterwards, they were given several important Italian phrases to introduce themselves and ask directions to a good-looking Italian, you know, just in case someday they would have the chance to travel to this marvelous country. For this part, we arevery grateful to our gorgeous friends, Tanti, a book writer and an Italian teacher, and two native speakers, Stefania Piscitelli and Carla Sanasi, for their help and support.

At the second session, participants were shown photos of the beauty of Milan, Venice, Verona, Florence, and Rome; they were also provided with several tips and tricks to travel around the cities. Thereafter, we moved on to the main event of this meet-up which is: practicing our language skills. Participants gathered in ten different language tables (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Dutch, and Italian) to discuss a picture related to Italy such as gelato, carnevale, mafioso, opera, and Valentino Rossi to name a few. Later on participants presented said picture by describing it using five words in their respectives language. Each and every table had its own unique perspective and was full of cheerfulness.

When we talk about Italy, obviously, we have to talk about its famous hand gestures! Italians are very well-known for it and they can speak with just their hands! So, to indulge the participants with the most common Italian hand gestures, they were shown an introduction to Italian gesture video demonstrated by stunning fashion models. Throughout this special meet-up the atmosphere was very cheerful and lively.

During the closing session, we launched a trivia game with questions spanning from guessing touristic spots, famous Italian persons, logos, to pronouncing interesting Italian words. After that, we held a photo session to commemorate this special occasion.

Special thanks to Hoshino Tea Time for providing us with such a lovely place for us!

We hope to see you again on another Polyglot Indonesia Jakarta Chapter special meet up!

When you walk in a dream but you know you're not dreaming, Signore
Scusa mi, but you see, back in old Napoli
That's amore

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