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September 5, 2016
Exploring City Parks (PICS Meet Up)

Exploring City Parks

                Latest PICS’ meet up was held at Taman Prestasi – Ketabang Kali no.6 Surabaya on Saturday, 03 September 2016 by using “Exploring City Parks” as our theme. All the activity of our meet up went well as usual. We discussed and had a presentation related to city parks. This presentation will shape each individual to have encouragement to speak in language that they learn.

                There was around 21 participants came to our meet up and they’re divided based on the language that they learn. There were 4 language desks available on that day including German, French, Japanese, and English. Each language desk discussed all about city parks.

                On English desk, the participants elaborated 3 important points related city parks in Surabaya. They believe that a city park is a place where we can meet each other with a low budget, refreshing the mind because of the fresh air in the area. It also can be used for picnic, learning together, outbound, etc. City park that is suitable with Surabaya condition and atmosphere is a place with a lot of tree, has specific track for disable people, located in an area far from crowd because the park should be pollution free, not very noisy and eco-friendly. The advantage of city parks in Surabaya is many parks can be used for family gathering, education, fairground, specific event, and so forth.

                On Japanese desk the participants elaborated several opinions related to city parks. They said that city park is a place where there is no public transportation entering the parksand has many plantation. Because Surabaya has a hot weather, so a city park like Taman Bungkul and Taman Prestasi are suitable for Surabaya, even the citizen of Surabaya really like to have a job outside their house. The function of city parks helps citizen to get a place which is very green.  Each city park in Surabaya has a playground which attracts many children to play there. However, city parks in Surabaya still need improvement which are increasing the number of flower collection and enlarging the capacity of parking area.

                On French desk the participants thought that a city parkis a place where we can spend our leisure time with family, friends, and the loved ones. FYI, some city parks in Surabaya have a lake, cafeteria, outbound facility, and historical place. We have to renovate one or two city parks where located near city center. Because of Surabaya is a city of literacy, some city parks shouldhave a place to read and have many book collections so we can borrow that book. Those are the benefits of city parks in Surabaya.

                On the last desk we are going to elaborate about what happened in German desk. They elaborated that city parks is a place where the citizen can have their free time to take a rest,calm down the mind, and do some outside activity like jogging and picnic with family. They suggested that every week or twice a month, should be conducted an event in city parks. So city parks will be more alive and worth to be visited.

                Ideas and explanation will be recorded and we hope it can open up the mindset of local major of Surabaya to maintain and give innovation for city parks in our city.

                In addition, there was something different in our last meet up. PICS got the chance to be covered by the biggest Online Media in East Java ( and you can access that coverage by clicking this link below:,_komunitas_pecinta_bahasa_bertemu_di_taman_prestasi.html

See you on the next meet up!

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