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Agustus 2, 2016
Buddy Class, Polyglot Indonesia Chapter Semarang

The beauty of speaking several languages is undeniably awesome. People who speak more than three languages tend to be more romantic and have the ability to handle many tasks at the same time. There are also a lot of reasons why people choose to learn languages. Learning a language will keep the user mentally active while simultaneously establishing a better connection to its related culture. Thus, the user embraces not only one element of a country - the language, but also the culture.

With so many benefits of learning languages, Polyglot Indonesia Chapter Semarang (PICOS) seeks challenge to facilitate language learners in the region. The community does not only gather language learners, but also preserves cultural activities as one agenda during its meet ups.

Although there are a lot of reasons and benefits for learning languages, PI Semarang is still challenged to find people who are interested in languages. The most uttered reasons were “I am too old for this”, “I don’t have enough time for learning languages”, “I need to take care of my family” and many more. There are also several people who lack of self-confidence that say: “I am a beginner and you guys (PI member) are so advanced in your language skills”.

The solution was to conduct a class where people could intensively and deeply learn about new languages and their related cultures. This class is set to be no longer than three hours, to accommodate people with a busy schedule.

Introducing: Buddy Class

The Buddy Class seemed to be the perfect idea that came up to solve all problems mentioned. This class will be led by active members of PICOS or anyone who is willing to teach languages.

Thursday, 28 July 2016 marked the kick off of PICOS’ Buddy Class. Two tables opened; Dutch and English. People enjoyed the session as much as when they come to the meet up. The first session was opened with brief introductions to Polyglot Indonesia and its member. The first buddy class session was led by Nara Pristi who taught Dutch at one language table and Kylie, who taught  English at the second table. The English class learned about Australian Slang.

“The class was very comfortable for the early learners of Dutch. Next time I want to share some Finnish” Said Heka, 18 years old member of PICOS who speaks Finnish, French and Spanish. “It was fun to learn the Australian Slang even though I was arriving late to the sessiom” said Titie.

With the Buddy Class the community wishes that people in Semarang will be more interested and able to enjoy the awesomeness of learning languages and their related cultures. 

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