Polyglot Indonesia started its activities 2013 as a community for language enthusiasts with the aim to support language practise in a fun and relaxed environment. Polyglot Indonesia also facilitates information exchange on language and culture and serves as a networking platform for all its members, no matter the nationality.

Polyglot Indonesia aspires to become an organization for Indonesians to use as a base to practise their language skills. We are certain that our organization will contribute to a positive change to Indonesia and its people.

By June 2014, Polyglot Indonesia serves to a community of about 10.000 followers on through the Facebook Discussion Group, Facebook Page and the @polyglotindo Twitter Account. Polyglot Indonesia has initiated Language Exchange Meet-ups in 6 cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Aceh, Surabaya and Semarang.

In addition to hosting Language Exchange Meet-ups regularly, Polyglot Indonesia also brings together its members to take part in foreign language Movie Nights events and provides contribution about foreign and local language facts through its Webforum, Facebook Fanpage and Twitter account.

Participants of Polyglot Indonesia Meet-ups range over a wide variety of backgrounds and age: school children, high-school students, university students to entrepreneurs, researchers and working professionals.

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