20 Agu
Speak Up! Speech Contest "Unity in Diversity" - Polyglot Indonesia National Gathering 2016

Unity in Diversity - What does it mean ?

Polyglot Indonesia was build on the foundations of the Unity in Diversity. This is why we celebrate our birthday on the 17 August, true to our Indonesian Nation's Independence Day! 

For Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or Unity in Diversity, we all have different interpretations and ideas. And that is what makes it so interesting.


Take part and share your inspiration in our speech contest on "Unity in Diversity" and win exclusive Polyglot Indonesia Merchandises! 3 inspirational talks will be awarded! 

The jury members will be from respected Indonesian Inspirational Communities and representatives from Polyglot Indonesia.


For Speech Contestants:

Here's the ground rules to take part:

1. Prepare a speech of 5-7 minutes

2. Decide on which language you want to deliver your speech with - Bahasa Indonesia, or English? Another language, you say? :) but you have to make sure after, that the jury understands well! :)

3. Select a category that you would like to make your speech on: Actual News, Theory, Personal Experience, Innovative Ideas, 

4. Inspire us all with your thoughts.

What to do to take part? Go and register by filling our form ! Hit the register button and complete all details required.

Further notifications will be sent via e-mail.


Guests / Audience

You just want to take part as a guest this time and give your support to cheer and select the best winner? Go ahead and register yourself via the form as well! :)

Also if you do not take part in the contest, you might as well secure your merchandise, by coming to the PING Speak Up Speech Contest! :)


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and register! :) See you at PING 2016!


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