12 Mei 2017

Hello Arek-Arek Suroboyo!

Let's play together!

What? What kind of game will we play? yes, we'll discuss and play traditional games together this week. Since nowadays traditional...

13 April 2017

(Repost from http://dewimasita.tumblr.com/)

Pengalaman berharga ini dimulai ketika kuseberangi laut Jawa menuju hutan Borneo,...

07 April 2017

Hello arek-arek Suroboyo!

Being an interpreter is somehow challenging. You need to respond and change the language very quick to the auidiences.
if you are interested in being an...

03 Maret 2017

hello, arek arek Suroboyo!

We believe that you guys are familiar with online shopping. Whether you are the customer or the buyer. EVen some offline stores provide the online ones so the...


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