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Januari 11, 2015
Commemoration of the 10th year tsunami Aceh

The poster, designed by LPM Perspektif FE Unsyiah

The boxing day 2014, December 26th, marked the 10th anniversary of massive tsunami that struck 14 countries bordering Indian ocean, including Aceh. Almost 300.000 people were killed during the disaster, in which around 130.000 of those were from the Aceh province. Here in Banda Aceh, people attended a mass prayer for the 2004 tsunami victims at Baiturrahman Grand Mosque. The Acehnese commemorated the disaster with a day of reflection and contemplation.

Understanding that movie has always been a great way to reflect upon what has been learned from a tragedy, The Polyglot Indonesia Chapter Aceh presented a documentary and disaster-based films event, providing a venue for both individual and collective reflection. The selected movies brought incredible stories of resilience and generosity for everyone to contemplate. The event “FILM and DISASTER MEMOAR” was held on the December 27-28, 2014, presented by the Polyglot Indonesia Chapter Aceh, Craving Lights and the Aceh Film Library, supported by Erasmus Huis, Christine Hakim Film, Miles Film, Harmony Karaoke, Unimoto Studio, LPM Perspektif FE Unsyiah dan Binkara 89.4 FM.

Around 75 people showed up to watch the movies. Most of them enjoyed the documentary movies that based on real Acehnese stories like Nyanyian dari Negeri Sejuta Matahari and Serambi. Giggles and laughs were heard during the play. Movies like The Impossible and De Storm had reminded the crowds a lot to the tsunami disaster a decade ago. Although some of the viewers thought that the plots were very one dimensional and almost ignoring the overall tragedy, the movies had brought some memories of the tsunamy where lots of people lost their family members and tried everything to find them back.

Overall, the event was great for everyone, including for us in PICA. Risna, Muhib, Didit, Fida, Zopan, Jihan, Kiki, and other PICA volunteers were pretty exhausted but happy and smily at the same time. We had a quite amount of fund raised too during the event :), in which some of them were donated to the Geuroebee (Gerakan Sidroe Siribee = the one thousand rupiah per man movement). Geuroebee is a foundation organized by Sultan II Selim Community Centre that focuses on funds for disasters. So, yessss... you all who came to the event had contributed to the funds as well. Thanks to everyone who watched and joined the event :). Grazie mille also goes to our partners, Craving Lights and Pustaka Film Aceh, to our supporters Erasmus Huis, Christine Hakim Film, Miles Film, Harmony Karaoke, Unimoto Studio, LPM Perspektif FE Unsyiah dan Binkara 89.4 FM.

We will definitely redo this again. Wait for the upcoming movie event by PICA, alright!!!

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