07 May
Language Exchange Meetup - Movie Talk #2
meetup polyglot jogja

Polyglot Language Exchange Yogyakarta, improve and maintain your conversational language level and ability!


TOPIC: Movie Talk #2
VENUE: Kalui Milkbar & Cafe (Jl. Affandi No. 8A, Gejayan)
DATE & TIME: May, 7th 2017 | 1 pm onwards

Supported by: LingoTalk Language Course
Mark your calendar and find your language partners!

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Discussion Session

Hello there language enthusiasts!

Polyglot Indonesia Chapter Jogja, in collaboration with Global Leadership Forum FEB UGM and Scandinavian Community FISIPOL UGM, have something delightful for you who are eager to learn and share some foreign languages skills by talking about your favorite movies!

Due to the high excitement of the participants in the first Movie Talk meetup, We will held the second one with more favorable concept and enjoyable activities.

Just BRUSH UP your vocabularies in any languages you speak and learn!

What is Polyglot Indonesia?

Polyglot Indonesia is a community for language learners that makes it both convenient and fun to find language partners. You tell them a little bit about yourself (interests, ability level) and who your ideal language partner is (languages spoken, age, hometown) and you'll find people for you to get in touch.

Here you can not only ask questions about the language you’re learning, but contribute to the community by providing feedback for people studying your native language.

The goal of the typical language learner is to be able to communicate with people from all over the world. So why spend so little time practicing and so much time studying grammar and vocabulary? Just come in, find a partner with the same interests and languages as you and get practicing!

Do you have any tips or strategies for getting started with a language exchange? Share them in our meetup! :D

We try to have regular meetings, but in order to manage our resources, we firstly want to try to have several meetups to see how many people are interested, and find volunteers to do this regularly.

Language Available
English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, Russian, Swedish, Indonesian


Andre: +62 812 9847 2920

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to send us an email to ch.yogyakarta@polyglotindonesia.org

And don’t forget to join us in: https://web.facebook.com/groups/polyglotyogyakarta
and like our page: https://web.facebook.com/polyglotindonesia
and follow our twitter: @PolyglotIndo
and also our instagram: polyglotindonesia

More information is on our website: http://www.polyglotindonesia.org/

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